Nano pink candy color powder coating

NANO CANDY PINK POWDER COATING  POWDERMain MaterialEpoxy resin and hardnerSurface TypeGloss,satin,matte,dull,wrinkle,checkered,sand grain,transparent,semitransparent,metallic,and special patternPhysical PropertySpecific gravity 1.4~1.8g/cm3 as per formula and colorParticle size average 35~40umChemical and Durabili

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Main MaterialEpoxy resin and hardner
Surface Type

Gloss,satin,matte,dull,wrinkle,checkered,sand grain,transparent,

semitransparent,metallic,and special pattern

Physical Property

Specific gravity 1.4~1.8g/cm3 as per formula and color

Particle size average 35~40um

Chemical and 

Durability Test

Salt spray test  GB/T 1771,>=1000 hours,no obvious change , crossion width at cross=<2mm

Heat and moisture test  GB/T 1740,>=1000 hours,no change

Mechanical Property

Pencil hardness            ISO 15184:1998,2H

Adhesion(by griding)    GB/T 9286-1998,0grade

Impact test                  GB/T 1732-1993,>=50

Bending test                GB/T 6742 ,=<2mm

Cupping test                GB/T 9753,>=7mm


Good adhesion,good mechanical property,strong coating film,

excellent insulation,anticorrosion,

energy-efficient,convenient operation.

Shelf Life Six months
Application Field

Apply to anticorrosive and insulative products:

Anticorrosion pipeline,rebar,bridge,steel structure,

pylon,tank,marine fittings,electric control cabinet,


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