Mum shares the easy way she shops for shoes WITHOUT having to take the squirming kids along

2021-12-24 08:00:47 By : Ms. Alice Xiao

AS any parents will know, taking kids shoe shopping can be a very trying experience.

But one clever mum has come up with a way to take the stress out of shoe shopping - by figuring out how to get new footwear for her kids WITHOUT the kids present!

Mum-of-four Lauren took to TikTok to share her clever hack.

In the video, she showed herself using a piece of paper and getting her children to stand on the paper one at a time.

With one foot on the paper, Lauren then drew around the foot and wrote the child's in the middle.

She then cut out the foot shapes and took them to the shops with her.

Once there, she was able to use the shapes to hold on the soles of the shoes she was considering buying and see if they would fit.

"I actually love this idea," one person wrote, while another added: "Super smart idea. I also like to shop without my kids!"

Another person wrote: "Genius, cause I don’t always have them with me when I find good deals, lol."

Lauren also found herself at the receiving end of some negative comments from some people who suggested her hack wouldn't ensure properly fitting shoes for her kids.

And in response, she wrote: "Got shoes for all the kids today and they all fit.

"One was not the size I’d written down so I was glad I had these with me to check."

Another person praised Lauren for the hack, commenting: "Gah, people are so judgemental! This is genius Mama!"

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